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Pouring motor oil

Reasons for diminshing engine oil

Oil is undoubtedly the blood of the engine. Not only serves to lubricate and prevent friction of its moving parts, but filled with many others, minor supporting components. His slight deficiency can cause destruction of the drive unit, often indirectly, which does not indicate oil.

Modern cars are often equipped with an electronic engine oil level indicator, you can also check this by going to the right on-board computer functions. In general, users are more and more rare pay attention to the oil and do not control its level. Unfortunately this is tragic, because most modern engines require constant monitoring more than 15-20 years ago, and problems related to its deficiency is most of the problems at all. Minor deficiencies can cause devastation, not necessarily directly, not necessarily immediately, but the effects can be devastating.

Normal wear and tear of engine oil specified by the manufacturer and it is quite a loose concept. Even 1 liter per 1000 km, is acceptable from the point of view of the manufacturer, because with intensive use of the car can actually make such a large wearing out. However, a good mechanic will not recognize this as standard.

In modern diesel engines we still have a whole new, previously unknown situation that oil can both  wax and wane, and the latest does not have to be associated with problems. Increased amount of engine oil is nothing like diesel oil in the sump, which happens in engines with a particulate filter. Larger complicated construction of engines will also have more situations in which the oil may decrease. Let's see when it can to this claim and what to do to avoid it.

Causes and effects of decrease engine oil

Today, a large part of engines are entities turbocharged because diesels long ago passed into history, and supercharged petrol cars  this day at least half of the engines. Therefore, many defects, including diminishes of oil to be associated with the presence of the turbocompresor. One of the reasons on decrease lubricants are leaks in the turbocompresor or pluging of the duct off taking oil. Most often it goes directly into the intake system and combustion chambers. It happens that the search for effluent come to nothing.

Wear out or mechanical damage pistons and piston rings is well-known for years the cause of the disappearance of engine oil. Oil is pumped into the combustion chamber even when it comes to soft distortion connecting-rod causes the situation that the movement of the piston is not exactly rectilinear. More serious wear out of the crank-piston can also cause severe blow gas into the crankcase, and from there some of the oil passes through vent the engine intake channels. Exactly the same process occurs when too high oil level in the engine. Heavy wear out on the surface of the cylinder bearing deletes cracks obtained in the process of honing. Then the oil is flowed to the walls instead of stop on one, which will cause excessive wear bearing surface and rings, and after a short time will result in the getting through the oil into the combustion chambers.

The problem of excessive oil decrease may occur when the repair head screws are not properly tightened. This results in warp of the head and the engine oil leaks.

Wear out injection pump or her defect when there is lubricated with engine oil causes a situation where the oil goes to the fuel and then combustion chambers. In contrast, due to disturbance in the combustion process, the fuel can get to an oil. The same thing happens when the system manager particulate filter can not perform the process of soot burn. The diluted with fuel oil will cause rapid engine wear, which in turn accelerate consumption of the engine oil.

Crossing time to change the oil also can cause big trouble, the best example is strongly dirty oil filter. If there is a tear of its cartrige, consequently, will cause enter dirt to the engine, its rapid wear out and therefore also higher oil consumption.

The last obvious reason oil losses are worn leak stopper in many places the engine. Rubber by aging longer effectively seal the space, in which oil pressure is quite large and leaks outside the lubricant.


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