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How to take care of the car, which we rarely drive?

On grounds of the increasing traffic jams residents of large metropolitan with pleasure go to work by public transport or two-wheelers than by car. Even if their car was already long forgotten by them, and they use it only a few times a year, does not realise it from his regular service.

Those who think that occasional use of the car simplifies exploitation and lowers its costs, are wrong. Of course, expenses associated with refueling will certainly be lower. But too long the rest of the car certainly will affect the components, which during the layover sometimes wear out faster than during normal operation.

What is damaged in rare used car? Above all, much faster its properties loses engine oil, especially if it is a mineral. Wear-resistant are synthetic oils which, unfortunately, are not always suitable for use in all vehicles. The rarely used car oil should be changed more frequently than with normal use. The delay of its replacement may even threaten seizure and engine immobilization.

Engine oil is not everything. In the car that drives occasionally exploitation are also faster tire. Rubber staying a long time in the same position not only much earlier get spongy, but also unevenly they wear out and lose their rigidity. To prevent this, we should every week or two move the car a few centimeters, what is really meaningful average. Much better to just ride it around neibourhoud.

Regardless of whether on the tires we travel a distance of 150 000 miles or 15 000 miles, after about 5-6 years from the date of their manufacture and they are need to be replaced. Some experts believe  that you can even use tires not older than 10 years, but only if conditions of storage are ideal.

Why you can not ride on old tires? Elderly old tires may become too gluey or induration and thus more easily become brittle. With age, the tires are also becoming more susceptible to deformation, which lose their original properties and significantly degrades traction vehicle, extending at the braking. Lifetime rarely used tires will extend the higher pressure, but should not exceed the value specified by the manufacturer by 20%.

Weekly ride such used car is necessary not only from the point of view of tires, but mainly in order to get rid of the moisture accumulated in the engine, on the elements of the exhaust system, as well as other components. If we do not do this in the car will be corrosion of one or more components that can effectively immobilize him.

Among car users who rarely leave their parking spaces or garages, you will certainly find a group of people who instead of going along for the ride will be heat engine at a layover, mindlessly pressing the gas to the floor. These methods not only do not help the drive unit, but may actually harm her. Especially when on half-heat engine we will use high speeds.

In car used occasionally very quickly discharges the accumulator. During the layover equipment such as a radio, alarm and other electronic gadgets consume power even when they are dormant. If the engine is not running, the alternator is not recharge of the accumulator from which all the time is took electricity. Idle laying discharged accumulator aging has a significant impact on its lifetime. To avoid such situations, you should equip yourselfs with the special support device, which usually cost less than $ 30.

I also recommend to refuel car's gas tank to complete. Why? First of all, that in the fuel the water wasn't accumulated that condenses on the walls of the hollow gas tank. Using fuel with water certainly have a negative impact on the drive unit. In certain cases gathered water in the tank can lead to corrosion tank indside out and leakage of fuel.

If we are going to leave our car in one place for a long time, it is worth it first carefully wash and wax. In this way, not only we give him aesthetic appearance, but first and foremost will provide the paint from external influences. This procedure is particularly important for the body of cars left behind on the outside, though, and this which are staying at garage certainly can not hurt.

But before we wash and waxing the car, be sure to carefully's see them for corrosion, let's remove it, and cleaned the place secured with ground. If there's nothing we do with that, corrosion will develop and irreversibly damage the body.


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