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What we do

Computer diagnostics of cars

You are looking for a good proven and tested mechanics in your area? But you realize that near your place of residence are many automotive companies and you can not decide which company to choose. If so, with help comes our help. We are directory automotive companies in our database is up 236 thousand. records from from all the United States. To find all the mechanics from your region you need to use the browser postal code which is available on the menu page "Search by zip code". With this search you will quickly find their chosen by yourself mechanic with the highest rating. Also, you can evaluate companies and add opinions. Your action will make the other users of the service you will help well choose. We try to help in everything in a car so we invite you to read our guides on problems occurring during use of the car.

For companies


You have an impact on the quality of our base mechanics.

  • Adding your company to our directory;
  • Update existing entry;
  • Removal from our database.
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